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Transformations Happen With The Lunar Eclipse

Updated: Dec 28, 2022

Can you feel the intensity of the rippling effects of the Lunar Eclipse that is moving the energy around our lives? A psychic forecast.

Total Lunar Eclipse on November 8, 2022. Won't happen again until 2025.
Eclipse Blood Moon by Yu Kato

The Total Lunar Eclipse began early this morning at 3 am Eastern time. It was a phenomenal site if you were one of the lucky ones to see it. It was a brilliant, blazing white bright light showing spectacular beams. These moonbeams are here to cleanse out the old and won't reappear for another three years in 2025.

Even if we missed it, the effects are attached to each person while the transformation occurs. With the intensity of the removal, we can choose to make changes that will create new paths for the next three years or even longer.

Transformation Happens With The Planets

When our destiny says it's time to jump through an open window for change, it's our cue to recognize we hold power. The possibilities are endless if our arms are wide open and our heads nodding. Create something new

We may have intense thinking about a person or a situation that happened quite some time ago, and no idea why it weighs heavy in our minds—one of the most powerful magical moments of the full moons for this year.

Anything or anyone attached to our inner core will come back through the planet shifts and highlight anything left undone. It is a spiritual triggering that helps us stop, reflect, and finally get the closure needed to allow something new to take its place.

The triggers can be unexplained crying. Tears fall but without pain. It may also move us to speak the final words in our head, not to the person. We will create a finalization from love.

Remember to write down your dreams.

We can feel the urge to become stagnant through irregular sleeping patterns as we think about an out-of-the-blue dream that wakes us up at midnight. Reinforcing some nutrients in our tired bodies will be essential to complete the task needed for the day. It's a great time to create a new habit of keeping a notebook on the nightstand. Write down the idea, thought, or dream and try to gain more zzz's before the morning arrives. Jotting those notes will release the constant feeling of needing to do something about it while our physical body is saying to rest.

Shaking of new beginnings will trickle into the body and bring some of the unseen and unexpected in too! We may start jiggling and fidgeting as we see through our inner psychic what we are creating. There may be no fear or hesitancy as we would bring this new project to the earth, ready to go public.


Announcing our new ideas will begin in November through March of 2023. Start small with our inner circle of close friends or co-workers, but only after we have locked it into the human world through contracts and other proper documents and words, making it solid.

Hang on - it's going to be an exciting next few weeks as we get to the final stage of this year!

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