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Weekend Zodiac Forecast

Updated: Jan 7

Astrology chart
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Psychic tarot forecast in love, romance, and life for the weekend of December 9 - 11, 2022. Expect unexpected moments to create memories for years to come—a psychic forecast.

Weekend Zodiac Forecast

The universal energy gives a hand with some well-deserved moments of joy and celebration over the next few days in our weekend zodiac forecast. Unseen vibrations will be piercing our homes and hearts from one ocean to the next. Unexpected phone calls from people we have at a distance will tie up the telepathic and internet throughout the weekend.

Holiday celebrations are beginning to hit neighborhoods and families through decorating and shopping. Online and in-store purchasing will become a priority in giving one perfect gift to every person on our list. Unique and personalized trinkets that express our love, gratitude, and appreciation will become precious memories.

The planet's shifting has created an emotional trigger for zodiac signs. A favorite holiday movie may take a turn this weekend. Rather than the typical giggles and ho-hos, tears of joy will fall. Emotional highs will dominate over the weekend. An uplifting warmth of hope and faith will be ringing next to the holiday bells.

The smell of homemade apple pie and fresh gluten-free cinnamon rolls will help anyone feel the upbeat tempo of the universe at play. A blessing of an opportunity to rekindle and start new romantic escapades will be front and center while standing in line to check out of stores and restaurants.

This weekend is a perfect time to light the fireplace and listen to the crackling logs while gathering with the people we care about the most. Bring out the popped kernels and vegan delights, and write out the intentions for the new year ahead. The rewards of our efforts will be magnified as our plan becomes a permanent part of our personal transformations.

Let's not forget romance, which has started to sprout in the hearts of society. Getting to know someone on a deep level will turn into lifelong partnerships and friendships as the new year completes under-going changes for our zodiac partners.

Zodiac Forecast

Aries (Born March 21-April 19)

Rams will be charming while engaged in hospitality and fun all weekend long. Entertaining with close friends and family will be at the top of the list over the next few days. Watching movie favorites and laughing will bring positive results lasting the following week. Romantic sing-a-thons with someone special create a passionate rendezvous in the future.

Taurus (Born April 20 - May 20)

With too much focus on finances, it has become monotonous over the past several months. Sleep and relaxation is a well-deserved break while listening to favorite tunes. Set aside the finances and enjoy some at-home fun with close loved ones that fit the budget. Homemade meals and indoor exercise will fit right in with the mix as hearts open and faith returns. Blend with the sounds of nature in a family mediation session and plant ten seeds to manifest for future fortunes.

Gemini (Born May 21 - June 20)

Allow the inner child to feel safe to relax and take a break. Gemini zodiac on the go for weeks, if not months, will know the planets are sending a message to indulge in self-love. Focus time alone on designing and creating on Saturday while spending quality time with family and friends on Sunday. Cry, release, and cleanse the mind, body, and soul throughout the weekend. Rejuvenation is a justified reward.

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Cancer (Born June 21 - July 22)

The fatigue of old challenges will become a heaven-sent message to enjoy time alone on Friday. Self indulges with scented candles and warm bubble baths will clean the soul and hydrate the emotional turmoil that has been lingering around. Complete that favorite book and create a new recipe to satisfy your cravings. Love may be restored in a current romance, or manifesting a new one will be a cosmic reward to say "job well done." Making homemade ornaments and decorations will light up the home and families with the spirit of a new path on its way. Tend to financial obligations that need attention over the next few days and save the rest for next week. Enjoy the moments surrounded by love.

Leo (Born July 23 - August 22)

Now is the time for Leo's healing from loss and heartbreaks. Friday will shiver through the unseen energy and lift those blues away. Frolic and fun are highlights for those ready to take action and show their mighty power to others. Share in shopping and lighthearted fun with close loved ones while focusing on self-satisfaction. For another week, romance may be on the back burner to get the love energy high again. Indulge in a fine meal or expensive glass of wine and "be in the moment" for the next few days.

Virgo (Born August 23 - September 22)

Love and finances are highlighted over the weekend for the sign of Virgo. Opening a savings account and buying special holiday gifts will bring a feeling of accomplishment with a little help from the planets. The energy shifting will pull at the heartstrings and warm the house with lifetime memories. Enjoy online shopping while sipping a fabulous Bordeaux, singing, and dancing with those loved ones. Vitality returns with each note and pushes the new start of something big on the way. Laugh-love-live.

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Libra (Born September 23 - October 22)

Facials, haircuts, and looking your best will be most suitable for our Libras. If it's been a trying time to finish the to-do list, this weekend will open up the right amount of time for completion. Set up those holiday stages and plan out new ideas to share with family and friends through the season. Planning and organizing will be of value to aid in creating more abundance in the new year. Long romantic conversations will open up the heart to signal it's time to enjoy fulfilling relationships again.

Scorpio (Born October 23 - November 21)

Tremendous changes moving Scorpio out of stagnation are on the way. Now is the time to relax those mental muscles and allow the rewards to come forward. The cosmos is sending love notes to say it is a shining moment to create or revisit love and friendship that are hiding in the background. Share in delightful, heartfelt conversations over milk and cookies as the newly transformed energy comes into play this weekend. Rejuvenation and hydration are key focuses in creating new projects. Yard work or volunteering at a local food bank will keep the heart open for Cupid's arrow. Sharing, caring, and preparing are highlighted through the next few days.

Sagittarius (Born November 22 - December 21)

Laugh and talk the night away with a special someone on Friday while resting over the rest of the weekend. Something valuable is coming in for Sagittarians who put effort into healing an old issue with a loved one. A roller coaster emotional train will be moving through the weekend to clear and balance this zodiac sign into a new victory. Romantic dreams will be highlighted on Saturday, a gift from the cosmos of what is coming in the new year. Apologies are needed for a complete cycle to new fortune and abundance.

Capricorn (Born December 22 - January 19)

The moon placements and energy shifts will favor the sign of Capricorn. Stubborn and stuck thinking will be replaced with a feeling of liberation as the weekend kicks off. Spend time alone on Saturday morning to create new money-making ideas and then focus on having a great weekend. Order take-out and binge-watch old reruns while sharing the journey of what is leaving and what the goat wants. Cosmic rewards will come in the way of people and long conversations. Talk, create, and be open to the universal possibilities this weekend.

Aquarius (January 20 - February 18)

Those hard-working Aquarians will have a new blessing of prosperity over the next few days. Out of the blue, a long-awaited delivery of a reward to keep the thoughts clear while meeting new people. Focus on health and lighthearted fun will bring a prosperous new beginning to the year. Laugh until tears fall with someone returning from the past, a long-awaited reunion. Romantic feelings may be set aside to focus on completing a two-year cycle of hard efforts. The cosmos are giving a big thank you to those in the teaching and healing industries. Enjoy a peaceful weekend to prepare for a new chapter en route.

Pisces (Born February 19 - March 20)

An offer is on its way for those born under the sign of Pisces. If an invitation comes to explore something in a natural setting, say yes and let the good times begin. A bank error may be justified on Friday, allowing some holiday cheer to fill the air. Cooking a favorite meal for a special person will be met with a cosmic blessing. Restoring and recalibrating relationships will be a valuable asset in a new path. Lifestyle choices are changing, and swimming relieves some of the past pressures. Caring, connecting, and creating are highlighted over the weekend.

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