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What Is Energy Work?

Energy Vibrations

We are connecting to the ground while soaring into the highest point above. Find out more in our MasterClass Series - Energy and Entities.

First, let's ask the question, what is universal energy? Like electricity, it quietly circulates around and through us, giving us a spark or zest internally. Like electricity, we can't see it, but we can feel it. For me, it would be similar to a slight shock from the electrical outlet. That may be a bit grand compared to the small surprise we receive; however, it should help with a visual concept. As an Intuitive Energy Practitioner, I know how to move through the unseen fields and into my client's energy. It is in the unseen plains where I can see and experience the details with my clients. Universal energy allows the "connection" with each other and the unseen details, where we can also have telepathic communication.

Why is Energy Healing essential?

Electricity provides us with power from one location to our home, giving us direct access to heat, water, and other power options. These items help us function efficiently, giving us balance and a sense of safety in our environment. Our mind moves into a state of peace in knowing we will have power when needed. The same would be applicable when it comes to universal energy.

The energy that relates to us moves and keeps the ebb and flow in balance with our inner mind, body, and soul. If a blockage exists, it can prevent a free-flowing movement or stopping point related to repetitive issues, seemingly pushing us into harm in real life. Most of us have experienced something we view as traumatic in our lives. Some can heal and move past the trauma, while others feel they live in replaying scenarios, just different places or people. The trauma creates a blockage in the subconscious mind, thereby pulling the memory into our reality by triggers. When this happens, the client usually can't remember the original trauma, making them energetically "stuck." Memory merges with real-life and becomes an energetic blockage.

Stuck Energy

An energetic blockage can move through our bodies, creating havoc and pain from one area to another and usually settle in a specific area for a long time. Perhaps we have issues with money and finance. This can be seen through physical pain in the body with no explainable medical reason. Because the energy is not visible to the human eye, we can't always see where or what it is doing. The internal flow must be restored by moving the negative energy out and replacing it with balance. This reunites us with our inner self and the spiritual intersecting with human existence.

How I help my clients

In an Intuitive Healing session, I incorporate my enhanced intuitive gifts into the energy healing session and look through the invisible plains to see what the client has blocked out. With a few virtual or phone sessions, my clients can begin to identify personal energy associated with their minds, bodies, and souls. They start to focus on breathing techniques to calm and temper themselves as they begin to see the "illusions'' around them, making clear and concise choices. Recognizing the synchronistic patterns around them, they release the restrictive energy and regain their power. Renewed, rejuvenated, and excited about life again! They become centered, grounded, and move into the success they deserve. For more information, visit the website at Namaste Lori Ann; MHs.B, CEHP, CHt, NLP Coach, Minister

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